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It’s Spring – and it’s started with a blast!

Awakening image

The spectacular weather of late is the perfect backdrop for the brand new exhibition at Mrs Harris’ Shop.

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Five artists have teamed up to present Awakenings, inspired by the stirrings of Spring:

AMZ bouquet2

award-winning sculptor, Alex Brown, photographers Helen Fletcher and Ann Brown and painters, Sheryl Morgan and Anna-Maria Zupancic.

Ann image

If artworks inspired by Nature appeal to you, then you will be delighted by this exhibition.  You’ll find explosions of colour in Helen’s photographs and Sheryl’s acrylic paintings; softness in Anna-Maria’s abstracts and bouquets, exquisite detail in Ann’s black and white Fractured Flowers and intrigue in the cable net lights and sculptures made by Alex (recent winner of the 2013 Richard Cohen Sculpture Competition).

Alex image

 Awakenings opens on Saturdays and Sundays throughout September 11am  – 3pm.  Pop in on any one of these days and meet at least one of the artists (maybe even more!)  Chat with them about their work – they’re happy to share their ideas and inspirations.


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