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Just Desserts

poached cumquat and honey icecream

If you’re a dessert lover, then Ian Corbett has just turned up the heat!

And, if you don’t salivate while you’re sampling his dessert menu, you must high-level impervious!

Cherries and cream

Ian has come to Mrs Harris’ Shop with his mouth-watering exhibition, Just Desserts, as part of the Tasting Australia program.

So, while there’s no tasting attached to this experience, I’ll lay odds that your mind will have a feast – and there won’t be a calorie to spoil the fun.

Ian’s luscious oil paintings will have you wanting to reach out and scoop a spoonful from each delectable dessert in the gallery.

sweet polenta cake with stewed plums

Just Desserts opens at Mrs Harris’ Shop on Sunday afternoon, 27 April, at 2:30pm.  The exhibition opens on Saturdays and Sundays until late May.

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