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Bittondi: Catalyst

Welcome back to the fabulous Bittondi Printmakers.

Bittondi Printmakers are back at Mrs Harris’ Shop, once again celebrating SALA and National Science Week, with yet another captivating exhibition: Catalyst.

'Noble Hero'

from: Kay Walker’s Talking with bees

You might recall that in 2013, Bittondi and Mrs Harris’ Shop celebrated SALA and National Science Week in spectacular style, with their exhibition, Alchemy.

Elizabeth Banfield_Catalyst image_(re)collection 2
from: Elizabeth Banfield’s delicate (re)collection 2

This year, eleven members explore and interpret areas of science that have already changed, or might well change, the way we look at the world. From micro-organisms to super-nova, climate change to evolution, Bittondi has it covered.

catalyst mary pulfordfrom: Mary Pulford’s quirky Mice series: Climate warning

It’s so exciting to see the return of several of these talented artists and great to welcome some new faces to Mrs Harris’ Shop: Geoff Gibbons, Vicki Hunter, Wendy Wright, Mei Sheong Wong, Mary Pulford, Kay Walker, Sarah Thame, Amanda Hassett, Ann Whitby and Elizabeth Banfield delve into the beauty, mysteries and quirks of science in their diverse pieces.

Now you’ve had a tiny taste, there’s only one real way to appreciate the talent of these artists and the beauty of their work: pop in to see them – works and artists, in the flesh!  At least two artists will be in attendance at each session.  They love to share their work, their ideas and to respond to your questions.

After a fabulous (albeit chilly) opening last week, with the artists and live music from the  Cherry Pickers, the exhibition, SALA and National Science Week celebrations are off to a fine start.

Artist Julia Wakefield, posted a comprehensive outline of the exhibition in Weekend Notes.  Despite neglecting to cover her own work, she gives you plenty of reason to see the exhibition!

As an added treat, the Cherry Pickers will play again for us on the afternoon of Sunday 24 August.  Join us from 1pm for a fabulous afternoon, filled with toe-tapping blue-grass music, wonderful art,  lots of laughter and the opportunity to meet old friends and new. See you there!


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