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The map isn’t the journey: Michael James Rowland


The map isn’t the journey

Michael James Rowland’s journey has seen him return to his roots in Adelaide, to care for his mother in the final twenty months of her life.


Fuck the dark, fuck the weather

Michael has always considered himself a product of Adelaide, formed by those icons we all hold dear – Humphrey B Bear, frog cakes, the Adelaide Festival . . .

He is an award winning film writer and director who came to prominence with his 2007 film Lucky Miles, a bitter-sweet comedy about refugees.



Returning to Adelaide meant a change in creative practice, with filmmaking on his usual scale not existing locally. And so, it was on to printmaking.

His journey into printmaking represents a continuation of and return to his earlier life as a graphic designer. In this life, he worked, again in an award winning capacity, on the Adelaide Festival (as Art Director for many years), early Womadelaide and with the State Theatre Company.


Forest Caravan

Of printmaking, Michael says ‘It’s a stripped-back form of conception and technical execution on paper, so elemental it’s meditative.’

‘I’ve been working this process/medium at Union Street Printmakers, run by Adelaide’s living treasure, Simone Tippett.’

‘Even as I continue film projects, Union Street has pretty much been my church these past 3 years. Great space, great fellow travellers.’


Pacific Yew

Apart from two digital prints in the exhibition, all pieces are relief printed using only the finest ingredients: Gamblin Prussian Blue on Kohzo cream rice paper.  When you purchase a print, Michael will also include its story.

Michael strives to produce quality in everything he does, by doing it well.  It seems there’s not much in his preparation and planning that’s left to chance.

This is more than evident in The Map isn’t the Journey.


Roller Derby

The Map isn’t the Journey is open 11am – 3pm Saturdays and Sundays until 31 May.


The Map isn’t the Journey


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