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Takako: Takako Biber

001 Gap


Takako Biber was born in Kyoto.  She recently moved to Adelaide from Broome where this beautiful work was created.

The move, and subsequent downsizing, has meant that Takako must part with many of her much-loved works.

Takako’s impressionistic Japanese calligraphy is a unique deviation from traditional calligraphy and painting.

005 Persimmons


She combines striking contrasts of mainly achromatic hues with modern, thought-provoking interpretations of the art of Japanese calligraphy.  Her works are compiled from exaggerated forms of calligraphy that actually spell out the picture (shown here particularly well in Lunar Palm).

011 Lunar Palm

Lunar Palm

And if you love beautiful paper – be prepared to indulge!

007 Aquifer


Most of the pieces are created using acrylics on kami (Japanese paper) and fixed to canvas where Takako creates a textured surface appropriate for the impression.  For example, there’s unryushi – cloud dragon paper, which represents cyclonic weather and has been used for Barometric and  shikashi – buck paper, which resembles buckskin from the roebuck – the name of the bay off Broome.

014 Barometric


This exhibition gives you the opportunity to own one of her beautiful pieces – the style of which is no longer being created as Takako is now creating much smaller pieces.

013 Shine


Not all of the works pictured here will be shown in this exhibition – some of the pieces are quite large – and Mrs Harris’ Shop is not a BIG place!  Should you see something here that is not on show, please contact me and we can arrange for you to see more.

 The exhibition opens on Friday 10 July at 6:30pm.  It’s then on show Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 3pm until Sunday 26 July.

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