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Alex Valero: Scatter



Scatter is glass artist Alex Valero’s debut solo exhibition.

It is a beautiful exhibition of hot-formed, cut and polished glass pieces that explore the material’s relationship with light.

9_Trajectories detail

Trajectories (detail). Image: Michal Kluvanek

Scatter features in the SALA program for 2015, and, for a whole lot of reasons, it is also part of the South Australian program for National Science Week (15 – 23 August).


Trajectories. Image: Michal Kluvanek

It is one of many events in the Science Week program reflecting its theme, Making Waves – the science of light, in this, the International Year of Light.

It is appropriate that Alex’s exhibition is included in the program – his sculptural works are inspired by mathematics and science, especially the material’s capacity to contain light.

beacon copy

Beacon. Image: Daniel Valero

He says ‘Glass has a deep connection with light. As a material, it allows the artist to sculpt light, creating work that emits or reflects light in beautiful ways.’

‘Science opens up new ways to explore nature, and challenges the mind to open itself up to radical ways of seeing the world.  My work responds to the need for new modes of thought as new discoveries take us further and further from the manifest world of everyday experience.’

It’s an exhibition that encourages visitors to explore – just like the way his works explore how this amazing material has been used to tame light for scientific and creative pursuits.

There are no cursory glances and impassive wanderings – the pieces have been examined  from all angles.  There are lots of questions,  and lots of bending, twisting, checking up and down, behind and in front.  The view from every angle adds new dimensions and it’s great to see the unreserved enjoyment from such exploration.

10_Cubed prototype

Cube: a popular piece from ‘Scatter’

Alex studied art at the University of South Australia, where he first encountered glassblowing. Fascinated by the material, and the challenge of working with it, he completed his visual art degree with a specialisation in glass.  Following art school, he completed the Associate Training Program at JamFactory.  For those two years, Alex was immersed in the world of studio glass, learning traditional craft skills and working on production teams.

He currently works from the JamFactory glass studio, where his practice aims to expand the sculptural possibilities of the material, pushing and combining traditional techniques in unconventional ways.


If you enjoy glass, and if you enjoy exploring, then this exhibition is a must-see.

Pop in to Mrs Harris’ Shop on any Saturday or Sunday throughout August, chat to the quiet, unassuming and very talented artist – enjoy the beauty that is Alex Valero’s Scatter.

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