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Denis Noble – watercolours

It’s December and that means the final exhibition for the year at Mrs Harris’ Shop.

Denis Noble is a retired architect and now, prolific watercolourist.

Mill window

Mill window, Bridgewater

Although Denis didn’t wait to retire to start painting, he is certainly putting his expanded ‘leisure’ time to good use. If he’s not exploring country South Australia looking for tumbledown relics of farming heritage, he’s likely traipsing the countryside in the UK, France or even Turkey, spying little architectural gems that make his watercolours so special.

Denis’ daughter and family live in England – so what a fabulous reason to visit on a regular basis and create a new exhibition in the process!

In this exhibition, Denis features just a few pieces of English countryside and even one of metropolitan Paris.

Boulevard St. Germain, Paris

But, on the whole, the exhibition is made up of scenes from country South Australia.

Denis has largely focused on the mid-north of the state, around Jamestown, where he recently spent a week or so, meeting the locals and hunting down fabulous structures to recreate on paper. In many cases, it was the locals who pointed him in the right direction and filled in the background with stories of their ancestors and families who toiled in this unforgiving landscape.

Burra Station

Burra Station

Then, there are other pieces from closer to home, in the Adelaide Hills where Denis lives, like an old slab barn at Basket Range and a fabulous blue Dodge, awaiting restoration in a shed that’s equally in need of restoration.

Kiln and Shed, Wynarka

Kiln and Shed, Wynarka

As the last exhibition for the year (and so close to Christmas), this exhibition is shorter than most. So, don’t miss your chance to see these beautiful pieces – drop in to meet and chat with the very affable artist and perhaps even pick up a special Christmas gift.

McLeod Back Gate

McLeod’s Back Gate

Denis Noble – watercolours is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 11am – 3pm until Sunday 20 December.


 We thank you for your support in 2015 and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and 2016. We look forward to seeing you during our full program of fabulous exhibitions next year.

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