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Oceans Away – a holiday workshop for kids

We usually have a quiet January at Mrs Harris’ Shop – a quiet time in the lead-up to the Fringe.

But this year, we thought we’d do something different!

You will likely remember the fabulous Night at the Opera, our exhibition of stunning puppets, with master puppeteer, Sue Harris.  (People are still talking about it!)

The fabulous Sue has agreed to join us in January to conduct a school holiday workshop for kids who might be looking for something new to do with their time.

workshop invitation 2

Sue works extensively with children in schools, kindergartens, workshops, parties, festivals and the like.  She even teaches other puppeteers!  Her experience is second to none, and as those who saw Night at the Opera know, her talents, likewise.

Oceans Away! will feature Sue and some of her shadow puppets.  She will treat participants to a short performance, after which they will make their own shadow puppets, with a marine theme.  Then, using their own puppets, kids will join with others in the group to present their own performance.


You can make a seahorse, just like this one!

Cost is $15 per child, with discount available for subsequent children in a family.  This covers the cost of all materials.

While we haven’t applied an age limit, children will need to have some basic skills with scissors, glue and the like.

real fish

If your children (or grandchildren, or friends) would like to join Sue for this workshop, please call Jo on 0452 614 613 to book.  Credit card payment will be taken at the time of booking and a receipt provided on the day.  If you have further questions, Jo can answer them at the time.

real seahorse

Behind the scenes . . .

We look forward to seeing you then.



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