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How sweet it is: Ian Corbett

pavlova copy

Just a small piece of Pav, thanks . . .

Welcome back to super-sweet-tooth, Ian Corbett, with his new suite of tempting paintings in oil on canvas.

Back again for Tasting Australia (after his 2014 visit with Just Desserts), Ian has created How sweet it is, to continue the sweet theme and to provide another dimension to Tasting Australia celebrations.


Oh yes . . . luscious!

Visitors are enjoying the mouth-watering offerings (calorie-free) – I’d be happy to have a dollar for every time someone has said they’d like to lick the works!

The paintings have also given people an opportunity to see how an artist creates different effects: look at the painting from a distance to see wonderful plays on light and colour, then check it out ‘up close’ and see how Ian might have created these illusions.

two pairs four pears

Two pairs, four pears

Ian, a retired art teacher, initially used the idea of painting food to illustrate some of the many techniques useful in painting with oils.  He quickly saw the potential and create Just Desserts.  How lucky are we that he has a sweet tooth and has taken lots of opportunities to build on the original concept with How sweet it is!

sweetie 1

Sweetie #1

How sweet it is is on show at Mrs Harris’ Shop on Saturdays and Sundays (11am – 3pm) until the end of May.

Thank you Tasting Australia for having us as part of your exciting program!

compote of fruit

A little healthier, perhaps?

Please contact us via this website, or drop into the gallery if you would like to purchase one of these delectable pieces.  Sizes and prices available on request.

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