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Changing Worlds

We’re celebrating!

Welcome to SALA 2016 – and another wonderful exhibition from the artists of Bittondi Printmakers: Changing Worlds.

Basic CMYK

And, as has been our practice over the past four years, this SALA exhibition is also a fitting contribution to National Science Week.


And, Changing Worlds is #3 in our Printfest, celebrating Print Council’s Year of Print.



The exhibition, of the work of eleven artists, explores how science is reshaping our world, our perceptions of it and our understanding of the processes that change and sustain our environment.

Each artist has engaged, through the medium of printmaking, with aspects of changes in our world, informed by the work of scientists.

To find out more about each of the works – you’ll just have to visit!

There’s so much to celebrate, so let’s meet the artists:

Jenny Clapson

Jenny Clapson_Drawn to the Light_Monotype copy

Jenny’s Drawn to the Light

Geoff Gibbons


Geoff’s Freshwater Crayfish

Mei Sheong Wong


Mei’s Senefelder’s Ghost

Sandra Starkey-Simon

Sandra Starkey Simon_Geometry in the Garden

Sandra’s Geometry in the Garden

Mary Pulford


Mary’s Sparrows

Wendy Wright

Barking owl

Wendy’s gorgeous Barking Owl

Mary Moore

Mary Moore_Inheritance 02

Mary’s Inheritance 02

Cheryl Nolan

Cheryl Nolan Chameleon copy

Cheryl’s Chameleon

Amanda Hassett


Amanda’s River of gold

Mareya Dashorst


Mareya’s CRISPR I

Exhibition is open Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 3pm, until Sunday 28 August.



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