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Fishy business: Jo Twartz


Beneath the Sea: monotype, collage, stencil

Jo Twartz confesses to a long-held fascination with fish. This fascination, and travel to Portugal during the ‘Sardinhas’ festival, manifest themselves in Fishy Business, a collection of hybrid works on archival paper.


Mood indigo: etching, photogravure, collage

In this exhibition, the other focus of Jo’s work is the contemplative female figure. Several years ago she saw the work of a Chinese artist, Ah Xian and she refers to his sculptural works in Fishy Business.


The happiness of fish: mono print, collage


It’s a collection of work that has evolved over time – as have the individual pieces. Jo says some of them migiht have taken twelve months or more to complete. A piece might be put aside for some months, then added to when inspiration strikes.

6.black eyes monotype, chine colle 20x26 500

Black eyes: monotype, chine colle

The multi-layered works on archival paper are often the combination of several processes including collage and watercolour to create a layered effect.


The screen: mono print, chine colle, stencil

These processes might also include etching, collagraph, monotype, woodblock carvings, lithographs, pastel and stencils

It’s a beautiful exhibition – and a very gentle one. It seems to me that this is very much a reflection of the artist.


The concert: woodblock, collage, water colour

Jo has been exhibiting her works since 1982 – overseas, including Japan, and in regional areas and capital cities of Australia. Her next showings will be on Kangaroo Island as part of the KI Art FEASTival and another in Studio J2 in Adelaide next month.

Her beautiful work is featured in private collections in the UK, USA, Japan and Australia.


Black wattle: monotype, chine colle


Acacia: monotype, chine colle


Echinus areia: monotype, chine colle




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