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On a Clare day

When we think ‘Clare Valley’ we tend to think ‘fabulous wine’.

There’s no shortage of terrific cellar doors and great little towns to visit along the way.  And, these cellar doors and little towns boast a good number of areas displaying art from a collections of local artists.  Historic shops, modern wineries, gorgeous galleries – with a little bit of planning, you can fill a few days with a feast of art, accompanied by a good selection of local wine.

Just in case you didn’t have those few days clear just now, we at Mrs Harris’ Shop have brought seven artists from the Clare Valley to exhibit their work in On a Clare day.

And wow – they brought the sunshine with them!

Drop by this weekend – there’s a terrific range to choose from and you will be warmed by the explosion of colour and some of the touching stories behind the artists and their works!

Graciela Dorey draws on her Chilean heritage to create her delightful paintings, such as Llamas, pictured here.


In a wild contrast, Debby Suggate creates vibrant street art in the most amazing colours.  Indy is one of three of her works in the exhibition.


Liz Heath loves yellow – there’s no doubting her preference! You must remember documents the decline associated with dementia.  Earlier this year, this piece was featured in an article on dementia in the Australian Financial Review.


Julianne Pulford portrays the Clare Valley landscape in some gorgeous feel-good colours- have you ever seen the Autumn Vines look so good?


Meg Mader loves painting birds and animals – even her fly-catching spider looks good! You’ll have to visit to see him though – I’ve chosen to display Murray, the maggie with a certain amount of attitude.


For a little more conventional approach, Kay Williams‘ pastels are popular.  Bridge over the Riesling Trail draws you on and over to see what’s beyond the corner.


Faces and more faces!  I feel under surveillance after a couple of hours under the watchful eyes of Lou White‘s portraits.  Jasmine, below, is a winner of the portrait section in the recent Clare Rotary Art Show.


You’ve now glimpsed but a fraction of the work in this exhibition – and the variety is all part of the fun!

On a Clare day is open on Saturday and Sunday 11am – 3pm until the end of November – pop in and see this terrific collection for yourself.

We thank Jeni Surmon from Scarlattis Gallery at Mt Surmon Wines for the introductions!

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