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Animalia: Sarah Livingston

In our final exhibition for 2016, we welcome animal lover and painter, Sarah Livingston, with Animalia.


Her bold and bright animal portraits will certainly add cheer to your day – but they also come as a sober reminder of our responsibilities to the animal world.

Sarah holds a deep belief in our responsibility, to not only co-exist with animals in what she calls our ‘Earth zoo’, but to protect and nurture them.


‘The extinction of any other creature is a slur on our ability to accept fully the role we have taken upon ourselves as custodians of this zoo and so diminishes us and weakens our position.’

And, just for some variety, Sarah has added a few botanical subjects for your enjoyment.magnoliaIn addition to framed paintings (in water colour and gouache), Sarah has included in the exhibition, several un-framed paintings, a series of prints and a beautiful collection of greeting cards, book plates and book marks.


Any of these items make for fabulous Christmas gifts, so hurry in to make a dent in your Christmas shopping!


Please note that this exhibition is shorter than most – it will close on Sunday 18 December. We are open as usual, from 11am – 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.



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