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Fragments: Figs and Cheese

Welcome to our latest exhibition: Fragments, the work of Figs and Cheese:

  • Jenny Dupont
  • Ros McDougall
  • Lindi Harris
  • Valerie Lewis
  • Jo Gilbert

Four of the five met while they were studying visual arts at TAFE – they continued their friendship and were joined by Valerie. They get together regularly to chat about techniques and the like, and to work and experiment together. The pursuit of their art includes their own brand of PD – attending exhibitions.

Over a longish lunch one day, they decided that the time had come to ‘bite the bullet’ and exhibit as a group.

In the name of efficiency, the next logical step, before the work began in earnest, was to find a name for the group.

Guess what they were having for lunch that day? You’re right: it was figs and cheese.

That was some time ago now and the group went on to stage a successful exhibition at Gallery M.

And that brings us to Fragments – the second group exhibition for the Figgies.

Fragments of what, I hear you ask?

For the best answer to this one, pop in to Mrs Harris’ Shop and take a good look close around the room, you’ll see some obvious fragments:

  • Ros McDougall’s shells, for example, are very clearly not the perfect specimens that you might find on your beach walk, but the fragments of shells on which the ocean and sand have left their mark – Ros has found beauty in those fragments and portrayed them here in her beautiful lino cuts and mixed media works.

  • Lindi Harris’ tiny, complex pieces are based on fragments of poetry of the ancient Greek poet, Sappho – only fragments of her poetry remain. What a fabulous collection! I’m sure they’ll keep you busy for ages, exploring the detail in them.

  • Jenny Dupont loves to work with nature – her delicate prints of fragments of grasses and seed heads are just beautiful –if Jenny’s work is anything to go by and reflects her personality, then she has a very gentle nature.

  • Valerie Lewis’ batiks are on fragments of fabric – and what a fabulous way to use them! Anyone who is into fabircs knows just how many of those can accumulate! And to add some variety, Valerie has included a couple of little prints and her ‘Ginger Jar’.

  • Last of all, Jo Gilbert has produced some rather complex pieces on fragments of paper. There are four magpies on the wall, not because she didn’t have enough pieces for the exhibition, but because she got hooked into experimenting with using different papers. You can see the results from each paper type – all quite different and special in their own way.

There are other fragments too – fragments of memories and collections, for example – it’s all part of the fun to work out what they might be.

Fragments is showing until Sunday 23 April, including Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend.

Mrs Harris’ Shop is open 11am – 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays.

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