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Portals, by Four

No, not ‘four portals’, but four textile artists exploring their work and directions with their chosen media.

Four is made up of four delightful women who studied together and decided to continue their friendship and camaraderie beyond their formal studies.

Sandra Obst, Jean Haese, Ruth Galpin and Jane Greet came from varied backgrounds but, dare I say it, are linked by a common thread – a love of textiles.

Their works are as different as they are – their personalities shine through, but it’s clear that they have more in common than an interest in textiles. They are all extremely talented women!

Each has created warm, tactile pieces that sing out their vibrant colours.

Jean’s love of Japan and Japanese fabrics (including fabulous antique pieces) are reflected in her mottainai and boro works, plus two vibrant pieces using contemporary fabrics.


Ruth’s stunning ‘Brush strokes’ feature hand printed commercial and hand-dyed fabrics with mono and reflect Nature’s inspiration.

Sandra’s work abounds in colour and texture – formed by machine and hand stitching and fabric or even paper that has often had a previous life.

Jane has departed from the group ‘norm’ in that the ‘textiles’ in her works are created on canvas. Fabulous colours leap out from her still life creations featuring the likes of carpets or drapes, Chinese vases or plates and luscious fruit.



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