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Bears and Blooms 3: Bittondi Printmakers

Welcome back Bittondi Printmakers!

Julie Milton’s linocut: Take Care of the Bear

This time, the fabulous team – and a few extras – have assembled an exhibition of hand-made prints to raise awareness of the plight of endangered species. In particular, the exhibition is dedicated to the protection, preservation and enrichment of the lives of Asian Sun Bears – bears that are mercilessly exploited to feed the demand for bear bile, still used in traditional medicines.

Sunbears and Sunflowers: linocut with hand colouring by Ava Jarldon

As the title indicates, you’ll find more than bears to enjoy in this exhibition: sunflowers, whales, lizards, birds . . .

Julia Wakefield: relief photo-polymer, hand coloured, hosho chine colle

Twenty two artists have contributed to Bears and Blooms, among them, Bittondi members and outside artists, including nine students from Aberfoyle Park High School. (The school provides Bittondi with its studio and a wonderful reciprocal relationship!) It’s the third print exchange for this cause.

Budgial Waters: photo polymer by Georgia Plowman

Thanks to these artists for their contributions: June Chin, Grant Tucker, Julie Milton, Camilo Esparza, Ashley Lithgow, Anne Miles, Mary Pulford, Mary Patricia Mitchell, Larissa MacFarlane, Sonia Jensen, Jo Mildenhall, Julia Wakefield, Wendy Wright and the nine artists from Aberfoyle Park: Kaleisha Condello, Aislinn Dobson, Charlotte Beddoes, Ava Jarldorn, Megan Ironside, Emily Calder, Georgia Plowman, Theresa Villunger and Catharina Gaigg – under the tutelage of Kate Toop.

Helianthus: photo polymer by Aislinn Dobson

In such an exchange, each artist produces an edition of ten prints – but only one is for sale. Another is archived by Bittondi, the remaining eight are distributed among the participants – each artist receives a surprise package of eight unique prints in exchange for their own edition. Proceeds from the sale of the prints go to Free the Bears.

Larissa MacFarlane’s linocut: Sleepy Lizard Dreaming

For a very reasonable price, you benefit in several ways: you help release, rehabilitate and house sun bears; you receive an original, hand-made art work; you support artists through the purchase of original art work.

Hozho: linocut by Jo Mildenhall

Bears and Blooms 3 is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 11am – 3pm until October 1.

Camilo Esparza: Looking for Love, waterless lithography

Bittondi Printmakers Association runs regular workshops at its Studio – check the website or facebook page for details. During regular studio opening times, a Bittondi member is present and can answer questions about the exciting art of printmaking.

Mary Pulford’s linocut with chine colle, with hand colouring


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