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Skin ‘n’ Bone: Liz Butler and Nadia Caon

Bark snake, Liz Butler

. . . looking at surface, layers and tension through print, collage and drawing.

Artist, Sue Michael, on opening Skin n Bone, said:

Popular culture implodes here in this space. Something that stretches beyond our fullest understanding, to a timeless universal world has been notated, with all its staccato flows and systemised patterning, courtesy of these artists’ hands. They have scrutinised the horizons, and the fine details, through a trustworthy and mature grasp of lived experience. Through their travail they have navigated a secluded, fundamental, resonating, enigmatic course to a meeting place with the clearly invisible. We are thankful for their efforts.

Liz Butler and Nadia Caon share a studio in the Adelaide Hills – and they seem to share so much more . . . the work of each complements the other beautifully, and with ease.

Threads of time, Liz Butler

Liz’s work is inspired by her life-changing experience of working with Indigenous communities and her many years of travelling to remote areas of the country. Generally leaning toward the amalgamation of natural and artificial materials, she is now pursuing the combinations of video work and experimental printmaking, to expand a sculpture and installation practice that conveys her encounter and emotional connection to the land.

Walk a fine line, Liz Butler

I am intuitively drawn to the use of natural materials: aiming to ‘touch lightly’ to express connection, seeing surfaces as skin or maps identifying location but screening what lies beneath.                      Liz

Rust plate, Liz Butler

Nadia is an emerging artist. She currently produces works using myriad printing techniques. The long, meditative processes involved in producing her works are as essential as their final form. She draws inspiration from the presence and importance that textiles, and creating with textiles, has had in shaping her own life and that of her family.

Skins, Nadia Caon

I view clothing and textiles that are worn as the outermost layer of skin on the human body. Like skin, they are deeply imprinted with the ways that human beings have lived. My layering of printing techniques reflects the layering of these experiences.                                                                              Nadia

Skinned and Untethered, Nadia Caon

Skin n Bone is on show at Mrs Harris’ Shop until Sunday 29 October. To see this beautiful work, visit on Saturday or Sunday 11am – 3pm, when one of the artists will be present. Take the time for a chat!

Bark Plate, Nadia Caon

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