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In the mind of the beholder . . .

Welcome to Mrs Harris’ Shop and the Fringe 2013 exhibition.

Here we are: back where we started!

This time last year, we were excited (and will confess, just a little nervous) to be preparing our first exhibition.

The Fringe was such an exciting place to start – it proved to be the perfect launch for Mrs Harris’ Shop.

It’s been a wonderful year and we thank our growing band of supporters.


This year, a little less nervous and even more excited, Mrs Harris invited artists to submit works that portrayed an aspect, or aspects, of psychology, for the 2013 Fringe exhibition.

Seven wonderful artists rose to the challenge and we have some fabulous pieces on show. Each artist, of course, has her (they just happen to all be female!) own interpretation of this very broad topic – and now, it’s up to you, the viewer, to enjoy your own interpretation of the individual works.

After all, it’s In the mind of the beholder.

With photographs, paintings, sculpture and glass, there’s a fabulous variety.

So join us, at Mrs Harris’ Shop for a journey inside your own head and perhaps dare to wander into that of the artist. What was she thinking when she created that piece?

Chances are you will meet at least one of the artists when you drop in. They all love chatting about their work and particularly enjoy meeting visitors to the gallery.

  • Deborah Trusson
  • Philippa Robert
  • Anna-Maria Zupancic
  • Suzanne Mustan
  • Jenny Johnson
  • Krystyna Moore
  • Ivana di Stasio

Ivana#1Goddess of the fertile earth

Internal struggle #1



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